My Schedule

Streaming Schedule

Sunday – 2PM-10pm est Monday – off Tuesday – off Wednesday – 2PM-10pm est Thursday – 2pm-10pm est Friday – 2pm-10pm est Saturday – 2PM-10pm est

Games that I shall be playing:

World of Warcraft Classic
Lord of the Rings Online
Rocket League
Star Wars The Old Republic
Doom Eternal

I feel I should inform people how horrible I am video games. But I have fun playing. I also have such a back log of games, I’ll be knocking them out live on stream as ‘blind runs’. I MMO hop too. So I’ll be playing various free to play online games. I have a couple podcasts in the works. One of them will be starting very soon. I will also be uploading video to YouTube. So lots of things to come. I’m so very excited to start this journey and am glad you are along for the ride.

Peace and chicken grease,